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Unlock your true potential

What are people saying? (Testimonials)

Alex Wong

"Michael has helped me transform my life. By training with him and following his programs I managed to lose 10kg's (down from 80kg's). I also managed to hit multiple personal bests and finally reached a 100kg squat for the first time in my life! I would recommend Michael to anyone who enjoys a structured approach to their training."
Weight loss program
Fat loss program
Muscle building program

The WHY?

Many of us live in a world where we can have almost anything we want at a touch of a button. If we’re hungry, any type of food we can think of, can be cooked, prepared, and even delivered to our door within an hour. If we want to travel, we can simply hop into a car, train, bus, boat, or plane and go anywhere we want in a matter of minutes or hours.

These technological advancements have been great for us. Long gone are those early hunting and gathering days.

But with every positive comes a negative. As humans we have become lazy AF! So addicted to technology, convenience, and comfort we barely, eat, move, or even communicate properly anymore.

We sit on our ass’s for more than eight hours a day. We over consume highly processed foods, drink too much alcohol and are addicted to our mobile phones (myself included).

Due to our modern lifestyle's diseases like:
- Obesity 
- Diabetes 

- & cardiovascular diseases are higher than ever (in both adults and children) 

Most of these diseases are self-inflicted and can be eliminated through simple daily changes in nutrition (what we eat) and training (how we move our bodies)

There is no better time to start than right now, GET OFF YOUR @SS!

Meet Michael

Over the past decade I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of individuals ranging from all ages, races, genders, in all shapes, and sizes.

Want to know the two things that almost all of my clients had in common?

  1. They all wanted to lose weight/fat to a certain degree.

  2. They all had almost no idea how to exercise/train effectively. Even if they had been going to the gym for years, most of my clients didn’t understand why they should be doing a certain exercise or how to perform it.

It’s crazy to think that even to this day most of the population still has no idea how to effectively move their bodies. Almost anyone can throw a bunch of random exercises together, hoping to increase the heart rate, get a pump or make you sweat. But not everyone understands how to effectively structure a workout.

Do you know….

How to build strength?

Increase lean muscle?

Decrease body fat?

Improve mobility & flexibility?

Prevent injury

And build overall body confidence?

If not then I suggest you INVEST in yourself and learn how.

Michael Marabong
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