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Your call is booked in and I'm excited to help you with your transformation!

In the meantime, see what other successful online client's have to say.

Alexander Wong

"Michael has helped me transform my life. By training with him and following his programs I managed to lose 10kg's (down from 80kg's). I also managed to hit multiple personal bests and finally reached a 100kg squat for the first time in my life! I would recommend Michael to anyone who enjoys a structured approach to their training."

Richard Morgan

"Michaels programs assisted me in achieving my goals of weight management and general strength. I have seen positive results following his programs and enjoy the various exercise selection. I would highly recommended Michael to anyone."

Peter Galbraith

"Training with Michael and following his programs got me to a double body weight deadlift (140kg's). Michael always emphasizes the importance of proper technique, and it is because of this I have remained injury and pain free. "

Arturo Caceres

"Michael taught me how to eat properly, how to be persistent, but most importantly he taught me that fitness is a journey not a destination. Thanks to Michael I have learned to enjoy the process"
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