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Congratulations! You took your first step.

In the next 5 minutes, you will receive an email from me with all the details for The FIVE90 Challenge.

- Michael

In the meantime, here are SIX steps you can take to get the best results possible.

From my experience most people who set out on their fitness journey, i.e., join a gym or start a challenge will NEVER see results (or at least the results they were hoping for).


Most people who start, NEVER finish!

But I don't want that to be YOU.


In order to see results that you have never seen, you will need to do things you have never done.

Today I'm going to give you SIX actionable steps that will change your life and help you successfully complete the next 90 days.

Let's get started!

Step ONE: Get The FIVE90

Transformation Guide

(FREE 13-Week Strength Training Program included)

Imagine never having to struggle with weight loss ever again. Imagine knowing exactly what steps to take in order to see RESULTS.

This guide will help you overcome your struggles and equip you with the all the tools you need to successfully complete this challenge (and change your life).


Not sure what to EAT?

This guide will show you how to calculate your calories, create healthy meals and comes complete with 35 high protein recipes + snacks.

Not sure how to TRAIN?

I have even included a FREE 13-Week strength training program suitable for all fitness levels. Inside you will see two training options: FIVE90 Easy (for beginners) and FIVE90 Hard for the more intermediate and advanced trainees. 

You're already here, it's time to make the investment! I want you to get the best results possible so that's why I created this guide specifically for you. 


FIVE90 mockup.png

This offer is NOT available anywhere else on my website and is specifically for YOU and those doing The FIVE90 challenge. 

Here's what you are getting:

Copy of Michael Marabong.png

Step TWO: Invest in a good water bottle. 

Having a water bottle allows you to monitor your water intake and is a simple reminder for you to drink more.

here are some of the best water bottles in 2023. (I have no affiliate with any of these brands)

15 Best Water Bottles of 2023 | Healthiest Bottles Revealed | body+soul (

Step THREE: Start tracking your steps.

steps 2.png

You can invest in an apple watch, Fitbit or Garmin or something as simple as the health app on your phone.

Step FOUR: Download the app Myfitnesspal


This is your electronic food diary. Start tracking your food intake today. If you want to see how many calories you should be eating put your details into the free calculator on my website.

Calorie Calculator | Michael Marabong

Step FIVE: Start meditation

Headspace (paid)
Meditation for Beginners - Headspace


Mindfulness App (free version)

The Mindfulness App

Step SIX: Join the Facebook group

Connect yourself with likeminded individuals. Share your story or find inspiration from others who are also on their journey to better health.

(9) 590 Discipline Challenge | Facebook

Now... Go check your email!

If you don't see my email, check your junk/spam folder. Be sure to add me to your favourite's list so you never miss an email again. 

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Feel free to find me on social media and remember to use the hastag #thefive90challenge so I can find you.

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